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USS-9510 Ultrasonic Soldering System

Product Information

The USS-9510 system includes:
USS9510 ultrasonic soldering system by MBR ELECTRONICS GmbH
- Microprocessor controlled base unit with
  control knobs and displays
- Hand tool with ceramic heater, vibration unit,
10 mm soldering tip and cable (1.5 m)
- Tool stand
- Foot switch with cable (2 m)
Frequency 40 kHz ± 3 kHz - automatically follow to resonance frequency
Output Power (ultrasonic) 9 - 30 W max.
Temperature control Zero-crossing switching, measure resistance integrated in the ceramic heating element
Temperature range 150°C - 480°C
Heater Ceramic 100 W
Power 100 V - 230 V AC, 48 - 65 Hz
Dimensions (base unit) 300 (W) x 130 (H) x 260 (D) mm
Weight 5 kilos

Inside the handgrip the ultrasonic vibration element (sonotrode) is integrated. This circumstance makes the handgrip portion look quite big and heavy. However, due to the ergonomic design, the instrument is easy to handle even for personnel with small hands.

Standard Hand Tool 9500-101 USS-9500 Hand tool
Length total 290 mm
Diameter 30 mm / 22 mm
Weight without cable 250 gr
Cable length 1.5 m

Standard Hand Tool with connection for compressed air

for efficient cooling of the vibration unit.

9500-106 hand tool with compressed air fitting for USS-9510 system


Robot Soldering Head 30 W
For soldering tips of diameter
6.0 mm to 1
2.0 mm
- with
- with compressed air

Roboter Lötkopf 25W zu USS-1906 Ultraschall-Lötsystem
Robot Soldering Head SLIM 30 W
With compressed air fitting for cooling the vibration unit, for soldering tips of diameter 6.0 mm to 12.0 mm

9500-123 robot head SLIM for USS-9510 ultrasonic soldering system

Air Supply Controller ASC-9000

This device allots the air supply (recommended in combination with the soldering hand tools 9200-107 or robot head 9200-127 in case there is no infrastructure available). This devise includes pressure reducer from shop air to 2 bar. Electrical air valve to switch the air on and off. In front face adjustable air-flow meter 1 - 5 ltr/min. to supply defined air stream to soldering head. An external air-pump can be connected as an option. 
1900-9000 ASC-9000 Air Supply Controller by MBR ELECTRONICS Switzerland ASC-9000 Air Supply Controller by MBR ELECTRONICS Switzerland

There are three different soldering tips interchangeable: 6.0mm, 8.0 mm and 10.0 mm* in diameter.
*If no other specification is mentioned this is the standard tip delivered with the system. The ceramic heat element is integrated in the soldering tip.
Tip 6.0 mm 9500-206 Soldering tip for USS-9500 hand tools
Tip 8.0 mm 9500-208
Tip 10.0 mm 9500-200
Special tip customised 9500-2xxS