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USS-1910 Ultrasonic Soldering System for serial production

Product Information

Ultrasonic Soldering System USS-1910
complete system in 19" rack housing 84HP / 6U
Ultrasonic Soldering System USS-1910 
Max. Layout for one Rack:
6 pcs Sonic-Bonder Ultrasonic Solering Controller and
1 pc Sonic-Bonder Rack Controller
Prepared for operation with 15W and 30W soldering heads

Complete system  is extendable
up to 5 Rack systems
= 30 Soldering Controller / 30 Soldering heads.

Frequency range (depending of the soldering tool) 30 kHz to 70 kHz
Output Power (ultrasonic) 5 - 15 W max.   /   9 - 30 W max.
Temperature range - soldering tip 150°C - 480°C
Heater soldering tool Ceramic
Power supply 105 V - 240 V AC, 48 - 65 Hz
Dimensions (base unit) 483 (W) x 265 (H) x 305 (D) mm

The system is composed of three components:

1. Sonic-Bonder USS-1910  19" Rack Plug-in board (6U / 12HP) Soldering-Controller:

Parameter Setting Local (front face) / Remote (PC)
Data interface
Electrical modifications to USS-1908:
- Higher power capacity/output
- More precise stabilisation of resonance frequency
- Auto calibration of resonance frequency and capable to handle Clusters
USS-1910 Sonic Bonder unit
2. Sonic-Bonder USS-1910 19" Rack Plug-in board (6U / 12HP) Rack-Controller:

Collects and centralises the data of the max. 6 pcs Soldering Controller per rack and transmit them through a RS 232C interface to and from the PC.

Central storage of the defined parameter of the max. 6  pcs soldering-controller. In case of an exchange of one single plug-in soldering-controller module (maintenance / repair), the parameters will be adopted automatically by the new inserted soldering-controller.

If more than rack needs to be handled, for example with 12 pcs soldering-controller rack Plug-in boards, (= 2 racks), the first rack-controller takes over the lead  automatically (master rack - slave rack.)

The system is upgradable up to 5 racks (with each 6 pcs soldering-controller).

Centralised and co-ordinated on/off switch with small time-delayed switching on of the individual Sonic-Bonder Soldering-Controller Plug-in boards to avoid current peak and/or overload of the power supply.
US-1910 Rack Controller

3. Assembly Boad 19" Rack (6U / 84HP)

A backplane-print is integrated in the assembly board with Plug-in positions/slots for the max. 6 Soldering-Controller and 1 pc Rack-Controller. The AC mains power supply is alloted over a plug-an-socket connection from the backplane-print to the individual Plug-in boards. Plug connectors for the data link to the soldering heads and foot switch or trigger inputs are located on the backside of the assembly board.

Minimal assembly consists of 1 rack-controler, 1 soldering-controller and 1 assembly board.

Complete system  is extendable to 5 Rack systems = 30 Soldering Controller / 30 Soldering heads.