Ultrasonic Soldering Technolgy by MBR ELECTRONICS GmbH

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Soldered Samples

Only a few of the many applications:

Titanstäbe auf Saphirplatte Mechanical joining of titanium rods on sapphire plate

- soldering of 4 solderpads directly on sapphire
- tin-coating of the titanium rods on front face
- joining of the parts through re-melting of the solder
solarzellen Contacting of solar cells: Si-Wafer, Thin-film-cells, Dey sensitisised cells
Niobwendel auf Zerodur Stab Contacting of Niob coil to a Zerodur rod
Optische Gläser Tin-coating/metalizing of optical glasses as preparation for a gas tight soldering into a stainless steel support.
Glasfaser in Bronzekopf Vakuum-tight soldering of glass fibre 120 µm into bronce head with bore of 0.5 mm
Kupferband auf Aluleiterbahn Electrical coating of copper wire on a aluminum track on glass-substrate
Supraleiter Contacts on a ceramic carbon hybrid superconductor. Diameter of the soldering points: 0.8 mm
piezo auf keramik Applying of the metallisation Ø 20mm with solder in the centre of the aluminum-oxide plate. Producing at the same time a solder terminal/pad outside the piezodisk dimension.

Joining and soldering the piezodisk onto the aluminum oxide plate by heating the parts up to the melting point of the solder alloy.

Soldering of
the connecting wire.
psi Joining / soldering of stainles steel parts. Alternative technology to brazing or welding if components may not be heated over 300°C.
saphir roehrchen Hermetically sealed mechanical joining of gold plated component on a sapphire tube.
sensor Fixing of electrical connections on aluminum  coating.
transistor Soldering of power semiconductors on a cooling element (aluminum, aluminum oxide, ceramic etc) to provice best possible thermical connection.
wolfrahm draht Direct fluxfree tinning/soldering of tungsten (wolfram) wires.